Holy Eff… It’s Almost October.

Like, wasn't just yesterday early August? Or maybe even late August. But no... somehow it is already almost October?!?! The leaves are changing colours. The rain has finally started falling. School is in full swing --- Oh wait. Not for us!   Big is starting Kindergarten this year. You may be wondering why he hasn't... Continue Reading →


[Summer Bucket List] : Life’s a Beach

We packed up the kids and hit the beach this past weekend.     After packing a giant cooler bag full of snacks, a gigantic bag of sand toys, changes of clothes and towels and diapers and wipes and sunscreen and... well, you probably get the idea.. we jumped into the car and we drove... Continue Reading →

[Product Review] Jamberry with Mims!

I love Jamberry. When I try to paint my nails, it tends to look like a child did it. A child who was blindfolded and holding a jackhammer. There's usually nail polish all over my fingers and often on whatever surface I was propping my fingers on. Enter Jamberry! I have been using their wraps... Continue Reading →

Potty Training for All the Wrong Reasons

Potty training happens for many, many reasons. Interest. Preschool requirement. Independence. Developmental milestones. Peer pressure. Parental pressure. The idea of no more diapers, ever, in this household.   The reason we are going to start potty training? Two words. IKEA Smaland. He is tall enough. And it's time for him to leave the nest... Because... Continue Reading →

Summer is Finally Here!

We set up the pool, three weeks ago, during a heat wave. And in pure tradition, setting up the pool caused Fall to strike. We had wet, cool, overcast days since the day we filled the pool with water... But finally, in the past few days, we've had warm - borderline hot - weather. We... Continue Reading →

[Play Area Etiquette]

One day, as a nanny, I saw a lady plop her not-even-one-year-old down in the play area at the mall, barricade the entrance… and walk away. Yes. She walked away. Not just to the benches beside the play area. But to the bathrooms across the hall from the play area. No, she wasn’t just going... Continue Reading →

Our Super Duper Official Summer Bucket List

It’s just a couple of days away from the official start of Summer! I don’t know about where you are, but we basically went from winter weather to summer weather overnight... Spring was basically non-existent. Summer’s around here are HOT. We’re lucky enough that there are so many waterparks, beaches and air conditioned places to... Continue Reading →

oh, well, hello there….

You know when you meet someone and you're asked about your life and you stumble around trying to think of where to start and what opening line to use? Yeah, hi. *waves*   I have some posts from my old blog that I will be moving over. Check them out - they'll be grouped together... Continue Reading →

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