oh, well, hello there….

You know when you meet someone and you’re asked about your life and you stumble around trying to think of where to start and what opening line to use?

Yeah, hi. *waves*


I have some posts from my old blog that I will be moving over. Check them out – they’ll be grouped together with the categories.

Once I get things rolling, you can expect (read : hope?) to hear from me more regularly! I’m excited to get back on the horse and blog again!

With a new blog, I have decided to not use my children’s names. If you know me and my family, please keep this in mind when posting comments or replies. I want to be able to post about specific things, like our adventure in home learning, while not having my sons name and his school linked together, for example.

My youngest will from this day forth be named Little and my oldest will be Big. Now to change their birth certificates… To make it official, you know.


But for now, I bid you adieu.




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