Our Super Duper Official Summer Bucket List

It’s just a couple of days away from the official start of Summer!

I don’t know about where you are, but we basically went from winter weather to summer weather overnight… Spring was basically non-existent.

Summer’s around here are HOT. We’re lucky enough that there are so many waterparks, beaches and air conditioned places to keep us cool in the coming months.

Want to know what else we plan to do this Summer? Check out our Summer 2017 Bucket List below! I’ll be blogging throughout the summer as we cross them off – be sure to check the bold text (IE : Take a Hike) as the summer progresses and we complete it, I will blog and link it from here! I look forward to sharing our summer time adventures with you!


Take a Hike!
We got into hiking the summer before we got married. I love the scenery and the serenity of it. A friend and I would go hiking every other weekend or so to various trails around the Lower Mainland. Check out the website for a list of many, many trails – you can sort by level, distance, transit friendly or by area. One of my favourites is Admiralty Point, though Deep Cove’s Quarry Rock is a close second! I’m hoping to get out with the boys for some trail walking this summer – maybe some of the easier/shorter ones will be better for us though so both the boys can walk it.

Geocaching in Whistler

Go Geocaching!
My husband and I got into geocaching a few years ago, just before Big was born. If you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out. It’s a modern spin on treasure hunting. But there isn’t any actual treasure involved, just bragging rights! (Though occasionally there is small loot you can swap for something you bring – we got Little’s favourite car in one a while back while in Whitehorse!)
Geocaching makes for a fun, adventurous day! It gets you moving and out of the house – and exploring little nooks of your city that you normally wouldn’t even think to pay attention to!

Make a Geocache!
It’s simple! All you need is a container and a sense of adventure. Che

Exploring the Beach

ck out the link below for suggestions on what to include and where to put it.

Go to the Beach!
Sunset, White Pine, Jericho or White Rock. Any beach will do for building sandcastles, dipping our toes in the water, combing for seashells and enjoying a picnic. Or perhaps hot dogs from the amazing hot dog vendor by Sunset beach? However, Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen was, by far, our FAVOURITE! It has an amazing park and the tide goes out for ages so you have lots of little “lakes” to go splash around in!

Make Stepping Stones for the Garden!
How cute would it be to add these into our garden each year?! We could do handprints or footprints and see them grow. Their footprints could lead a path throughout our garden. Of course, first we have to dig out the weeds and lay down the dirt for our garden…. 😉 

Spend the Day on Granville Island!
There’s so much to do here! There’s the spray park and playgrounds. The Kids’ Market. Adventure Zone, if your kids are old enough and you want to browse for an hour or two, sans children. Food Market, where you can grab some picnic lunch items and sit along the docks outside (though, watch out for the Seagulls, they can be a bit feisty!) or out on the grassy fields while flying a kite.
Parking can be hard to find during the summer weekends but it’s not impossible! Just be prepared to dodge pedestrians while scouting a spot. Pay parking is a bit easier to come by, if you’re up for spending some money to do so.
There are plenty of buskers around the Island so you can usually catch a performance or two – anywhere from music to a man juggling fire while riding a unicycle balanced on a suitcase, stacked on top of a baseball bat…

Play with Spray Sidewalk Chalk!
This looks like so much fun. The boys would have a field day decorating the driveway with this… I can picture a fair amount ending up on them, but nothing a quick play in the sprinkler can’t handle! Check out the Thirty Handmade Days link below for a recipe.

Go Berry Picking!
We went last year and it was fabulous! We had fun picking berries, though the boys ended up snacking from the bushes and were stealing from our buckets as well and we didn’t actually pick much – we bought pre-picked from the farm after some time in the fields though! I swear, they need to weigh kids on the way in and then again on the way out and charge for what they snatch. There are so many different farms – check out the link for a compiled list, below! We particularly like Krause as it has a few extra things, beyond just the fields.

Berry Eating at Krause

Join a Summer Reading Program!
We join one every year, even though Big is too young to be reading the books himself, although this year he has quite the arsenal of sight words. They offer prizes and contests and activities throughout the summer, on top of the encouragement to read for a short time each day. I think most local libraries have a reading club – get down to yours and check it out! This year, Little is old enough that he will be able to join in and earn his own medal!

Go to the Burnaby Central Railway!
At Confederation Park, located near Willingdon and Hastings, is a miniature train. It’s perfect for those train-lovers that are borderline obsessed. My guys will have a blast riding the rails on miniature steam engines. And at only
Confederation Park also has a spray park, playground, running track and a library and indoor pool if looking for an escape from the outdoors.

Messy Monkeys

Go to a Fancy Ice Cream Shoppe!
What says “Summer” better than a scoop of tasty ice cream on a waffle cone?! The list below is so tempting, we may be crossing this off the list multiple times!!

Build a Sandcastle!
The hard part about this is going to be to build one before the boys destroy it. Bonus points if they can handle the temptation and actually help with the building! It won’t be as epic as these in the link, but the boys will be impressed, nonetheless. (Mainly because I won’t let them see the link so they won’t be aware how RAD they can actually be!)

Go on a Bike Adventure Around Vancouver!
Come on, we knew this was going to be on the list. I have a renewed bike obsession. I love riding and the boys are pretty happy to explore the city on our bike, too. Looking for some local paths? Click the link for some suggestions in your area.

Farting Around

Discover a New Playground!
We’re going to be venturing out in search for a new go-to playground. We are hoping to explore our neighbourhood and find some parks to set up camp in.
The Lower Mainland has many fabulous playgrounds – here’s a small start of a list of parks worth a trip out of your area for! There’s many more not on here though.
Our favourites are Pier Park, Sapperton Park and Queens Park in New Westminster; Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen; Central Park and Confederation Park in Burnaby; Emery Barnes, Coopers’ Park, David Lam and George Wainborn in Vancouver; Garden City and Terra Nova Park in Richmond.

Make a Handmade Bird Feeder!
Little and Big LOVE animals. They really like watching birds but tend to get excited and chase them or get loud and scare them away. I would love to hang these outside the back window so they can see the birds come to eat from the (birds) safety of being inside.

Cultus Lake (and possibly the water slides!)
Last year we went to Dinotown with the boys. While it wasn’t as good as we hoped, we did enjoy playing at the lake afterwards! This year, I’d like to pack a lunch and spend the day there. Maybe even stopping at the waterslides that are across the road. We haven’t done water slides with the kids yet but I’ve heard that Cultus Lake has great kiddie slides!

Centennial Beach
I know, this park is already mentioned twice above. But, seriously, lather up in the sunscreen, grab your sand toys and get your butts there! The playground is fabulous and the beach is perfect for wading and splashing and looking for all sort of creatures in the sand.

Train Rollercoaster at PNE!

Playland or PNE
Not overly picky which one – one has Super Dogs, the other is usually a bit quieter. I’m just in it for the mini donuts and risking my kids throwing up from the rides! We went last year and had a blast! This year the boys should be tall enough for more rides. And Little should be able to go solo on some, understanding that he has to sit down or else he can’t ride (didn’t trust him last year at only 21 months old) so we’ll see how that goes!

Ferry to Bowen Island
So, this is kind of random. I’ve heard so many people saying they took the ferry across the water to Bowen Island and spending the day there. Apparently it’s beautiful and magical and the bees knees. Need to check out what all this hubbub is about!




Do you have anything that would be on your bucket list? I always love to hear more ideas of local fun things to do!


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