Summer is Finally Here!

We set up the pool, three weeks ago, during a heat wave. And in pure tradition, setting up the pool caused Fall to strike. We had wet, cool, overcast days since the day we filled the pool with water…

But finally, in the past few days, we’ve had warm – borderline hot – weather. We hit up a couple of water parks and used the sprinkler in the yard the past few days. Yesterday I finally got around to grabbing a net to clean the junk that fell into the (open, uncovered) pool in the past few weeks. We did some scooping yesterday, got most of the floaties out and put the cover on. Today while the kids played in the yard, I got busy trying to clean the rest of the bits of leaves and cottonwood and drowned bugs while the kids played. When I got as much as I could reach, I began dreading having to climb in…


My Pool Boy

I convinced Big to strip down to his underwear and get into the pool and create a whirlpool by running laps so that I could scoop up whatever he knocked up from the bottom of the pool in his chaos. It was definitely a brilliant moment! For good measure I added a second child. Little wasn’t really too interested the first two times I offered to toss him in but third time is the charm and he was stripping himself down as he was running towards the pool. They spent half an hour splashing and dunking and being fish.

The pool is clean(ish, for the most part) and tomorrow I’ll get the filter running for a few hours to get the tiny stuff that is more stubborn than my children.

And maybe I’ll even get into the pool, too. If the water is warmer than today….

Splish Splash!



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