Potty Training for All the Wrong Reasons

Potty training happens for many, many reasons.

Preschool requirement.
Developmental milestones.
Peer pressure.
Parental pressure.
The idea of no more diapers, ever, in this household.


The reason we are going to start potty training? Two words.

IKEA Smaland.

Heartbreak is not being allowed in Smaland while your big brother has all the fun

He is tall enough. And it’s time for him to leave the nest… Because Mama would LOVE LOVE LOVE an hour of totally-kid-free time. I can imagine it now. Both boys jumping into the ball pit, wearing off their abundance of energy while I pirouette through the display rooms.

Time to say goodbye diapers and “halla” to freedom!


Also, did you know that during the week you can use your free IKEA Family Card and get an extra half hour to ditch your kids get your shopping needs fulfilled.


Potty training is going to kick into full gear around here shortly. With the sunny weather and the backyard at hand, we’ll be tossing the diapers aside and learning by trial and error. I waited for Big to be older and ready to fully understand it, though it was only a few more months older than Little currently is. But it was so smooth and easy and … dry. We had very few accidents and it was glorious.

Little is the total opposite of Big in everything developmental. Chances are that this is going to be a long journey. So, if you see me waving a white flag, please send diapers, mop and lots and lots of Starbucks. Laced with Bailey’s. Actually, just skip the Starbucks and bring me Bailey’s. That would be swell.

Hopefully this isn’t his face as he intentionally pees all over the place….

Here’s to wearing underwear!

Him. Not me. (Because I already do… not “not me” because I don’t wear underwear…)


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