[Product Review] Jamberry with Mims!

I love Jamberry.

When I try to paint my nails, it tends to look like a child did it. A child who was blindfolded and holding a jackhammer. There’s usually nail polish all over my fingers and often on whatever surface I was propping my fingers on.

Day 1 vs 9 of my wraps

Enter Jamberry! I have been using their wraps for about two or three years now. They go on clean and smooth. If you haven’t tried them yet – do it! They are simple to use and I can usually get 4+ weeks of wear!

But, with that being said, I have a secret. I have never tried any of their other products. I haven’t tried the nail polishes, the lotions, the foot scrub or file. Until yesterday, that is!

A friend of mine is a Jamberry consultant and she lent me her pedicure set to give it a whirl.


Included in the bag was :
Stainless Steel Pedicure File
VIP – Nail Lacquer
A small kit with cuticle pusher, nail prep wipe and other extras

It was a very quick and easy process to follow. And was a great excuse to sit and watch Netflix (not that I need a reason to binge…) I started by doing a dry file and was amazed at how much skin came off. It didn’t take much effort to make a good sized pile of dust, as gross as that is. 😉 I put some “Soak” into a bit of nice, almost-too-hot water and let my feet absorb some of that pepperminty awesomeness. Next step was filing them again, this time while damp. There wasn’t that much left to scrape from when I dry filed but I used the finer side and made sure everything was nice and smooth. I put on some “Renew” and rubbed it into my feet before giving it a rinse in the same water from my foot soak. Lastly was some “Soothe” lotion slathered on.

My feet feel so much smoother. And they look way better, too. No more cracked heels, no more calloused big toe. I don’t think I’ve had softer feet even when paying for a pedicure!

Excited to get my file soon!

My feet are summer ready – in the first time in a couple of years, I wore sandals while out and about without worrying about how my feet looked. Because they looked great! On top of my home-pedicure, I also had a bottle of the VIP shade of nail lacquer to give a test drive. With just two coats of nail lacquer, no base or top coat, my nails looked professionally done. Whatever polish ended up on my skin was washed away with my shower this morning, leaving behind a perfect mani/pedi!

I put in my order for a pedicure file and some gorgeous blue nail lacquer (as requested by my oldest son who wanted to have his nails painted blue and was sad that I only had purple on hand) and am so excited to get a regular pedicure – even if it’s myself doing the work. Haha!

I need to get these for our Disneyland trip!

If you’re looking to get your Jam on, get in touch with Mims – she’s a fabulous local mama who recently went to JamCon 2017 and got to see her name on head quarters wall for all of her hard work! She’s a Premiere Consultant and is doing wonders with her business.

To get in touch with her, check out her Facebook page or her Jamberry page.



* disclaimer : I was leant the test kit to give it a whirl free of charge. The opinions expressed in this review are completely and totally my own.*
If you are interested in having your product reviewed, please contact me at EmbracingMayhem@gmail.com to discuss it

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