After being a nanny for twelve years, Tasha decided it looked like fun and had her own kids…. And then she learned why you shouldn’t take your work home with you.

Her boys, aged two and four years old, are full of adventure, love and crazy. Tasha, aged never-you-mind and full of sarcasm, sass and coffee. So. Much. Coffee.

Spunky is four years old. He’s a jump now, look after, recalculate and jump again kind of kid. He bounces. We’ve tested this. He loves laughing and screaming – both at the same time on occasion.

Chunky is two years old. He’s our stubborn, strong willed, asshole child. I say that with love. And some spitefulness. He will make a great leader one day…. If he survives his brother that long.

Tasha’s husband, Jason, is a nerd who spends his free time on his computer, longing for the return of his teen years of 2am mornings on Everquest and sleeping in until the next afternoon. He has been infecting the children with his love of video games and tormenting the only woman in the house.

If she’s not at the local parks, cycling with her kids, feeding hangry children, cleaning, checking car seats or nagging her husband, you can find Tasha reading murder-mysteries, blogging about her life or binging on Netflix.



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